Our Presenters


Alex Gencs

Lewis McFarlane

Radio Presenter

``I would say that it means freedom, because it allows me to get away from the outside world, where I find myself really vulnerable and awkward. SAM RADIO enables me to host my own hour slot to talk about things that truly matter to me and to no one else but me. They are my thoughts and no one else's and I always thought I'd never be able to believe in myself that I could do anything. Now that's changed because I'm able to be on Sam radio and I sound like a completely different person, because I know what I'm doing. If anyone's got the same problems as I do with my type of autism, DON'T shy away STOP giving up and JUST BE YOURSELF and you’ll go far in the future, because every autistic person on this planet will shine through and knock the walls that are keeping them back, down.``



Kieron Colville (KC) & Nick S


Sarah Dickinson

Radio Presenter

``I like SAM RADIO because I love music, I like presenting and SAM RADIO gives me an opportunity to do this.``

Sarah Lomax

Radio Presenter

“I love knowing that all my fans are listening!”

Paul Ross

Station Manager & Presenter

``SAM RADIO is something that I can be proud of. The studio environment allows me to relax and have fun, whilst at the same time, helping others present & share their experiences of Autism on air.``

Jo Roberts


Karl Levy


``When I heard about SAM Radio was launching a few months ago, I always wanted be part of a community radio station for a long time and thanks to SAM Radio to give me a opportunity who have made me be part of a team of an fantastic group I’m working with.``

Andrew Adams


Joseph Cameron

Cameron Fleming


SAM RADIO has become part of my main weekly routine as it allows me to have confidence and a voice to be heard across the globe, as well as helping my fellow best friend who is also autistic, gain that confidence too.
I also love to share my interest and passion for Anime, which that itself has helped me in life and is there for everyone to enjoy.

Pete Adamson




Hi, my name is Dylan and I have been to SAM RADIO for 2 years now and I would like to thank everyone for supporting my show on SAM RADIO and for the station itself for accepting me. I really feel like my life has changed since joining SAM RADIO and really, I felt like my confidence has improved. It has also given me the opportunity to share my passion of music with the world.
If anyone with autism is reading this, don't be ashamed of who you are.


Cowboy Colin

Iain Clelland