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[h2]Advertising [/h2][p]SAM RADIO© is a non-profit organisation and we depend on adverts to support this Community Internet Radio Station. The station is presented by adults on the autistic spectrum and is the first of its kind in Scotland, managed by Paul Ross, who holds a degree in Audio Engineering and who himself has a diagnosis of Aspergers.

We aim to provide a unique experience for our listener. Our target listeners are 16- 60 year old adults with a diagnosis of Autism plus family and carers of adults on the autistic spectrum. We are working alongside other Autism groups such as Autism Initiatives, and Scottish Autism bringing together and sharing practical local information by inviting them as guests onto the station.

Our Unique Selling Point is that it is the first station in Scotland to offer an opportunity to Autism/Asperger’s adults to run their own community radio station. Providing practical knowledge and experience to carers and supporters of adults on the Autistic/Asperger’s spectrum through our connections with interested organisations.

  • We will provide an advert made in-house or you can supply your own.
  • Each advert will be 20-30 seconds long
  • Your advert will be played once a week for 6 months.
  • You can take out as many adverts as you wish.
[distance][subtitle2 subtitle_content=”Advertising Costs”]
[iconbox type=”4″ icon_title=”£2.40 per week, minimum 6 Months = £125″]
[icon-divider][distance type=”2″]
[h2]Sponsorship [/h2][p]SAM RADIO© offers the opportunity to sponsor a radio show in a relatively inexpensive way to maintain profile amongst a desired audience.
⦁ We will provide a 5 second Jingle
⦁ We will play the jingle 4 times throughout a chosen show
⦁ Advertise your logo on our website page
⦁ The status of the sponsor is enhanced by being associated with the station which has been chosen specifically by that listener.
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[distance][subtitle2 subtitle_content=”Sponsorship Costs”]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”6 Months – £125″]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”1 Year – £240″]
[iconbox type=”2″]

[h3] You will be supporting a worthwhile community project. A non-profit organisation.[/h3]

[subtitle2 subtitle_content=”Our Aims”][distance type=”2″]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Provide opportunities for those on the autistic spectrum
” icon_name=”fa-support”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Provide a platform for those on the autistic spectrum, helping to breakdown individuals’ social barriers whilst allowing their confidence to grow.
” icon_name=”fa-tablet”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Have a strong relationship with Scottish Autism/Asperger’s organisations.
” icon_name=”fa-globe”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Establish a connection with our target listeners, making us their first choice of internet radio.” icon_name=”fa-flask”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Provide opportunities to empower listeners, by working in partnership with other interest groups to promote practical knowledge and experience.” icon_name=”fa-angellist”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”To develop training opportunities for our presenters.
” icon_name=”fa-paint-brush”]
[iconbox type=”5″ iconbox_content=”Create a strong and positive reputation within the local community” icon_name=”fa-html5″]

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